It Comes Round Quick

And so as the hands of the clock turn another 12 months go by and before you know it you’re walking around Edinburgh thinking, how the hell is it this time of year again?

I arrived on Monday night. I was meant to be taking the sleeper train, but I was informed by a lovely friend that it meant I would be sharing a carriage with a stranger. So I booked a flight instead. I’m in a lovely, very large flat this year just behind Harvey Nichols and am sharing with Ross Lee, Ashley Hames and Nathan Caton, all of which are doing their first shows, so this being my 4th makes me the old pro. I’m so not that. I also got to feel very manly last night when I got in by working out how to turn the shower on, and fixing the bathroom light. I am so macho now it hurts.

Annoyingly our TV doesn’t have any bloody TV signal so I’m trying to fix that, there’s no actual ariel point. Weird. But at least the Xbox will come in handy. My room is very large, but not the largest, and has the most questionable bed covers I’ve ever seen. I feel like I should be in some kids TV show.


Today I had to tech my show, so I got to meet my fab venue crew all managed by Will, who managed my venue last year. It’s a great space the King Dome, nice and large, the lights are looking good, the props fit nicely on the stage, and now I just can’t wait to do the bloody show. I’ll rehearse my lines again tomorrow and then it’s go go go.
Venue pic

Also the best thing about today is getting to see the venues take shape and start to play spot your poster. I found one of mine. I smiled. Then took a photo of it. Here’s the photo for you to view.

Poster in the wild

Right time to head out to meet Ashley and Ross for a drink and perhaps some food. Come see the show if you get a chance. Previews start tomorrow and I’m on every night at the Pleasance Dome at 8.30pm


Chris x

P.S. Does anyone know where I can find Jacobs Cream Crackers in Edinburgh? There were NONE in Sainsburys. I like them very much.


Nearly there

Good morning/afternoon/evening (delete as appropriate)

So I write this, in bed, on Saturday morning before the Edinburgh adventure begins. Last night I had my last London preview at the always lovely Canal Café Theatre and I only went and sold the bloody thing out, not only that but there was a minor celebrity in the audience.

Alright, he’s my friend, but still, it created an extra buzz of magic as people went, is that that guy from that thing? Yes it is? Oh that must mean Chris is good then. Which I am. So horray all round. Also in a non-minor-celeb status I saw Mickey Rouke yesterday. He eyeballed me. I got scared and ran away like a little girly.

But back to the preview, it was a cracker. Finally down to time, huge fun all round, laughs in the right places, ooohhs, ahhhs and wows in the right place and everything worked. The joy of creating a show is that it is constantly evolving. I feel by the end of next weeks first lot of Edinburgh shows it’ll be a slicker, more amazing, more incredible beast of a show. Well I hope it will at least.

Last night I was the most nervous I’ve been before a show for a long while. Not only a sell out crowd, but also some very important people in, who hadn’t seen me before who I desperately wanted to like the show. They seemed to so that’s lovely.

I’ve also started to notice a weird thing. At the end I give people badges out of a hat, they are free and yours to keep. Some people seem to put money in the hat. I find this very weird and get all embarrassed when they do. If you’re coming don’t put money in the hat… take a badge and give me a smile. That’s all I want.

Right so time to get up and finish the Edinburgh packing, all the props go up later today then I will meet them on Tuesday morning after Monday nights overnight train to the big ‘Burgh. Wish me luck.

See you there,
Chris x

4 Previews To Go


Yes I know, I’m sorry, I’ve not blogged for a bit, but it’s not officially Edinburgh yet so this is all like ‘bonus blog’ so you just count yourselves lucky yeh?

I’m still in the middle of show previews. I scarily only have 4 left before heading up to Edinburgh, and the show is still too long. Got the next one this coming Saturday at The Pleasance in Islington then 3

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One of the top 100 shows

Ohhhh this is exciting. Mind Over Patter has been picked as one of the TOP 100 SHOWS for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by The Scotsman. Yay!

They say “Very much in the Derren Brown mould of debunking psychics with his mind reading abilities, the likeably mischievous Cox eschews the creepiness of many of his illusionist peers. This year, he’s going to be passing on his skills for the audience to use in the home, workplace and dating arena.”

Why not come see it from the 5 – 31 August at 8.30pm in the Pleasance Dome. You can buy tickets here.