‘One of the most exciting entertainers in Britain. Sure to be playing bigger stages here and abroad soon….The hottest ticket in town’ The Guardian

‘Genuinely baffling… very impressive’ ***** Mark Shenton, The Sunday Express

‘Loveably geeky, a truly talented performer with simply astonishing tricks. Astonishingly Impressive. Prepare to be amazed. He does tricks that would make Jesus proud. Very funny & remarkable’ **** Time Out

‘Stunning…. has other magicians scratching their heads.’ The Times

‘A hyperactive Harry Potter who knows what you’re thinking.’ The New York Times

‘Gobsmacking mentalism – this man’s comedy mindreading will perplex and amuse.’ Evening Standard

“The most memorable bits come from Chris Cox, whose mass mind-reading acts are as funny as they are jaw-dropping.” Time Out Sydney

‘The show’s stand out star, Cox is a genuine comic talent and even if he can’t actually read minds, he can definitely hold a 1000 seat auditorium.’ WhatsOnStage

‘Astonishing bits of magic…simply brilliant…this is an act well worth seeing’ **** Paula Murray, The Express

‘Astonishing feats of jiggery-pokery from “the mind-reader who can’t read minds”; a kind of Derren Brown for the E4 generation, blessed with oodles of on-stage pep.’ The Independent

‘Mind Reading with a twist, it was breathtaking and brilliant.’  The Guardian on Fatal Distraction

‘He’s brilliant, he’ll blow your mind!’ Ricky Gervais

‘Chris Cox is excellent. Go see him if you can’ Jonathan Ross

‘Get out of my head, you’re incredible’ Liam Payne, One Direction

‘Extraordinary, forced me to reconsider my review star-rating policy, as five stars almost seems to miserly for this show…executed to perfection…stunning…so consistently astounding that the magical and remarkable became common place and customary…book your ticket immediately.’ ***** ThreeWeeks on Fatal Distraction.

‘Cox is so charming and disarming that in no time your disbelief is suspended and you are gasping in wonder at the deftness and elegance of his routines. The boy has enough energy to power the National Grid; How does he do it? He’s probably made a pact with Satan, but what the hell – this is top entertainment.”‘ ***** Venue Magazine on Fatal Distraction

‘Properly impressive…You’ll be gobsmacked. Astonishing. His demonstrations are so remarkable you are left thinking he couldn’t possibly have done them. You don’t have to be able to see into the future to predict a good future for him. Astounding… great entertainment,” Chortle

‘Enough mystification to make for a fully entertaining hour – masterful skill and technique – We are clearly in the hands of a master technician – MUST SEE!’ The Stage

‘I had to cover my mouth to conceal the fact it was hanging open in a mix of shock and excitement…a bewildering talent…a world-class act…a magnificent experience for anyone” ***** Fringe Guru on Fatal Distraction

‘A show that’ll change the way you think about your life. A mesmerising performance. One of the best shows I’ve seen in years’ **** The Edinburgh Evening News on Everything Happens For A Reason

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