Virtual Christmas Party Entertainment Idea

Is your work Christmas Party having to go Virtual this year due to the new COVID variant? Worried it won’t be as fun? Worry no more! Award winning celebrity mind reader Chris Cox has a virtual show which is truly hilarious, mind blowing, engaging, entertaining and the perfect unique and different entertainment for your virtual holiday party.

Chris Cox Is Virtually In Your Mind has been performed for the likes of Pepsico, Salesforce, Hasbro, Cisco, Paypal, MailChimp, MasterControl and hundreds of other companies around the world. Multi award winning Broadway, West End and BBC TV Star Chris Cox creates a virtual TV show just for you and your staff. Full of interaction, fun and the type of mind-blowing magic which will connect you all and blow you away.

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What People Say About Virtual Mind Reader Chris Cox

“Fun, West End level mind reading from the comfort of you Living Zoom. His new 30-minute-ish Zoom show left me blissfully bamboozled throughout” The Daily Telegraph

“Chris’s virtual performance for our company was brilliant, we had so much fun and allowed us to share a fun-filled experience with our colleagues. I highly recommend booking Chris for your next company event.” – Veronica Otten, TRG Screen

“Chris ran an amazing virtual team event for us, with a show that was as intriguing and entertaining as it was hilarious! It was just the fun, interactive, belly-laugh of an hour we all so needed! Thank you Chris!” – Salesforce

“Pushing at the boundaries of human computer interaction, Chris is a digitally creative mind reading genius! The best digital interactive event I have experienced.” National Centre for Creativity

Chris hosted and entertained our clients, a multinational pharmaceutical company during their virtual awards ceremony with both boxes very much ticked. To quote the client… ‘Chris did an absolute wonderful job in entertaining us during our awards ceremony, and at one point I had tears of laughter running down my face! You are a legend, thank you!’ Tom Cutmore, Director Of Live Events, Production Bureau

“Everybody loved it, it was hilarious and highly enjoyable. You made our end of year event so great!” Aviva

“Chris’s clever repertoire and warm, engaging style entertained our people over Zoom across continents this year, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. He made sure everyone felt included – and dazzled!” Disguise One

“Chris was a great surprise for our team on our work Christmas Zoom. He spent time getting things ready before, so the show went with a bang. As well as great tricks, the production was top notch and combined being a premium experience with the personal touch. Highly recommended.” Matt Deegan, Folder Media.

“Chris Cox blew our tiny minds with his incredible, exciting, fun-filled show… he makes you forget you’re watching on Zoom, as he draws you into his amazing mind-reading world… everyone watching, aged 9 to 89, was completely enthralled throughout… the highlight of our year!” Georgina Arnold

“We’ve had such amazing feedback on your virtual mind reading show. Everyone loved it. Thank you!” University Of The Pacific Brickyard Live!

Find out how I can fill your virtual event with laughter, energy, entertainment and mind blowing mind reading at magiccox.com

How To Make A Virtual Meeting More Fun

Are you searching for something to bring your friends, family or clients together virtually? Need something fun to do online for a Zoom Social Event? Want a fun virtual entertainment idea for Zoom or  virtual party entertainment ideas? Want a unique, funny, magical, mind blowing virtual event? There is no better choice than an interactive virtual mind reading magic show from celebrity, Broadway, West End and TV star Chris Cox.

From Broadway, London’s West End and Sydney Opera House to YOUR house. ‘Chris Cox Is Virtually In Your Mind’ is designed to fill you with mind blowing magic and bring you together even though you’re apart. 

Since theatres closed Chris has been specialising in interactive virtual magic and mind reading shows for you to enjoy on your screens wherever you are in the world. Chris is a hugely entertaining critically acclaimed performer who involves everyone in his interactive digital entertainment mind reading show. He’ll make you laugh, cheer and be utterly amazed from your home or work place. Chris Cox is at the top of his game, a mind-reading entertainer who has performed on the biggest stages around the world and he’s now performing digital entertainment and virtual mind reading shows just for you.

This is digital entertainment like no other, full of fun, engagement, interactivity and amazement. There’s a reason why The Guardian have called him “one of the most exciting entertainers in Britain,” and The Daily Telegraph say that his Zoom show is “Fun, West End level mind reading that left me blissfully bamboozled throughout.”

He has played live to over 750,000 people worldwide and now performs online for massive multinational companies, blue chip companies, media companies, small private parties and everything in between, leaving the viewers awestruck by his talents. Chris will read your mind through your computer screen and you’ll be fully involved in the show.  If you want some bespoke virtual entertainment then Chris specialises in creating bespoke original, engaging and energising virtual digital mind reading shows and entertainment that you or your clients will never forget. Check Chris’ availability and get in contact now.

Entertainment for a Virtual Christmas Party from celebrity mind reader Chris Cox

Virtual Mind Reading For Christmas Party

World Famous Mind Reader Chris Cox is bringing his unique interactive virtual mind reading show to your screens this holiday season. If you’re planning a virtual Christmas Party and are searching for unique entertainment ideas then Chris Cox Is Virtual In Your Mind is the entertainment and show which will make your staff, family, friends and clients go wild!

Direct from Broadway, London’s West End and Sydney Opera House to YOUR house.

Are you searching for ideas for a digital Christmas party? After online entertainment for your virtual Christmas party? Need to do a Zoom Digital Christmas Party? Well here’s an idea! An interactive show from, World famous, West End, Broadway, TV Celebrity Chris Cox’s Christmas Virtual Mind Reading Show.

Things might be a bit different this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still capture that holiday magic. Last year Chris Cox spent the holidays starring on Broadway. In 2020 world famous entertainer Chris Cox presents his festive virtual mind reading show. Designed to fill you with holiday cheer and bring you together at this special time of year.

If you’re looking for Zoom Christmas party entertainment ideas? Virtual entertainment ideas for a Christmas Party or just virtual Christmas party entertainment? Then this is the show for you. Full of laughs, holiday magic, fun, interactivity and the most amazing mind reading you’ll ever see this show is unique digital holiday entertainment. If you are organising an online Christmas party for your colleagues, work, friends or family then bringing Broadway and West End star, mind-reader Chris Cox into your Zoom room is the perfect way to spread some holiday fun. 

Chris Cox is an elite, world-class performer who has headlined shows on Broadway, in London’s West End and at Sydney Opera House. He’s wowed over 750,000 people worldwide in live shows and is the star of his own BBC TV series, Chris Cox’s Mind Boggling Magic and Killer Magic. But Chris Cox is also one of the world’s most in-demand virtual entertainers on the planet. There’s a reason why The Guardian have called him “one of the most exciting entertainers in Britain.” 

He has performed across the globe and online virtually for massive multinational companies, small private parties and everything in between, leaving the viewers awestruck by his talents. Chris specialises in creating original, theatrical, engaging and energising virtual mind reading shows and entertainment that you will never forget.