Want to experience some Killer Magic at home? Then why not let me read your mind using the wonders of the interweb.

Mental Celeb Hunt

Below you will find a set of squares, orange and blue, in them you’ll find celebrity names. Let me try and work out the celeb you’ll select….now have a look at the squares.

Simon Cowell
Jude Law
Jennifer Aniston
Mark Rylance
Brad Pitt
Ricky Gervais
Lady Gaga
Mila Kunis
Tom Cruise
Britney Spears
Cameron Diaz
Lindsay Lohan

Just think about these celebs, select one in your head, keep one in mind….lovely…now follow these instructions.

1) Put you finger on any orange celeb
2) Move up or down till you read a blue celeb
3) Move left or right till you reach a orange celeb
4) Move diagonally till you read a blue celeb
5) Move up or down till you reach a orange celeb.
6) When you are done remember that celeb……and scroll down….

Your finger is on Cameron Diaz….does it match up!? If it does aren’t I *amazing* if it doesn’t then you’ve obviously done it wrong, but it doesn’t make me any less amazing… honest.

Cox Knows Your Coins

I’m now going to predict how much money you have in your pocket. What a treat for you.

What I want you to do is have a think about money…it’s important isn’t it? We live life to earn it, and we live life to spend it. There’s often too much month left at the end of our money, so we scrimp and save, but we enjoy using it…their an odd little things those coins in your pocket.

Do me a favour, grab a few ten pence pieces and a couple of pennies out of your pocket, it doesn’t matter how many you take but make sure you have at least one of each. If you are an American, then you won’t have ten pence pieces. Never mind use a penny, yes you still have them, and a dime instead. If you are not American or British just work it out yourself please, I’m a magician not a banking financial type.

Those 10ps are shiny aren’t they, they represent lots of money, the dull pennies represent little money…kinda obvious that.

Ok, let’s try something, work out how much money you’ve got…shhh don’t tell anyone…just add it up.

Now, how many coins do you have in your hand? Count them. Got a number? Good….now minus that number from the total sum of the coins in your hand.

Fantastic, now with that number, if it’s two digits add them both together and remember that number, if it’s one digit just remember that number.

Lock it tight in your mind, remember it….remember it….hang on a second…look at that 10p….I could be wrong here but that 10p…look at the date on it…it’s 1992 isn’t it?! It’s not. DAMN IT. I knew it wouldn’t be. Don’t know why I said that bit… ignore it.

Anyway, that number you locked in your mind and remembered…that number only you could know….it’s….it’s…..it’s the number 9 isn’t it?! It is!? Yes. Horray and Huzzah. Now come see me live, I’m much better in person. Honest.