Want to show your love for Cox? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Well apart from that one bloke, but that’s because he was a bit weird. So ignoring him everyone wants to show their love for Cox. But how exactly can you do that? Well there are a few ways.

You could come to see the live show and get your hands on a real life I Love Cox badge. They’re free and everything, and if you’re super lucky then I will give you one myself after the show from a magical* top hat. Or you could get this exclusive I Love Cox badge to stick on your website, Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace (but if you’re using Myspace you might want to get in to the 21st century slightly more silly)

So here it is, download it and bung it on your Facebook or something to show your love for Cox. Why not even drop me a message to show me where it is… you might win a prize. But then again, you might not. Who knows.

I Love Cox virtual badge I Love Cox virtual badge

*please note the top hat isn’t really magical.