February 18, 2021 Chris Cox

What People Say About Virtual Mind Reader Chris Cox

Reviews for Chris Cox's Virtual Mind Reading Magic Show.

“Fun, West End level mind reading from the comfort of you Living Zoom. His new 30-minute-ish Zoom show left me blissfully bamboozled throughout” The Daily Telegraph

“Chris’s virtual performance for our company was brilliant, we had so much fun and allowed us to share a fun-filled experience with our colleagues. I highly recommend booking Chris for your next company event.” – Veronica Otten, TRG Screen

“Chris ran an amazing virtual team event for us, with a show that was as intriguing and entertaining as it was hilarious! It was just the fun, interactive, belly-laugh of an hour we all so needed! Thank you Chris!” – Salesforce

“Pushing at the boundaries of human computer interaction, Chris is a digitally creative mind reading genius! The best digital interactive event I have experienced.” National Centre for Creativity

Chris hosted and entertained our clients, a multinational pharmaceutical company during their virtual awards ceremony with both boxes very much ticked. To quote the client… ‘Chris did an absolute wonderful job in entertaining us during our awards ceremony, and at one point I had tears of laughter running down my face! You are a legend, thank you!’ Tom Cutmore, Director Of Live Events, Production Bureau

“Everybody loved it, it was hilarious and highly enjoyable. You made our end of year event so great!” Aviva

“Chris’s clever repertoire and warm, engaging style entertained our people over Zoom across continents this year, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. He made sure everyone felt included – and dazzled!” Disguise One

“Chris was a great surprise for our team on our work Christmas Zoom. He spent time getting things ready before, so the show went with a bang. As well as great tricks, the production was top notch and combined being a premium experience with the personal touch. Highly recommended.” Matt Deegan, Folder Media.

“Chris Cox blew our tiny minds with his incredible, exciting, fun-filled show… he makes you forget you’re watching on Zoom, as he draws you into his amazing mind-reading world… everyone watching, aged 9 to 89, was completely enthralled throughout… the highlight of our year!” Georgina Arnold

“We’ve had such amazing feedback on your virtual mind reading show. Everyone loved it. Thank you!” University Of The Pacific Brickyard Live!

Find out how I can fill your virtual event with laughter, energy, entertainment and mind blowing mind reading at magiccox.com