May 4, 2012 Chris Cox

Yahoo New Zealand – Fatal Distraction Review

UK comedian Chris Cox claims to be a mind reader who can’t read minds. But based on his show at the NZ International Comedy Festival this year, I’m starting to suspect perhaps the young man really can read minds after all.

Cox is not your usual comedian, in that he doesn’t just stand on a stage and spout jokes at an audience.

No, in his own charming way (and using a ferret in a jumper), he picks out members of his audience to demonstrate his knack of knowing what’s going to come next. (But don’t be alarmed, more timid audience members – Cox doesn’t humiliate his participants and doesn’t make them do anything too taxing or embarrassing.)

Cox’s enthusiasm on stage appears to be boundless and those who see the show will leave the theatre wondering how on Earth he manages to do what he does.

I, myself, don’t know how Cox manages to be on the money so often with his audience predictions, but I do know ‘Fatal Distraction’ is funny, fascinating and a bloody good hour of entertainment.

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