May 4, 2012 Chris Cox

NZ Herald – Fatal Distraction Review

There I was, on my feet channelling my thoughts towards comedian Chris Cox up on stage. He was motioning towards me with his gangly arms, coaxing the thoughts out of me.

“Dance like C-3PO, dance like C-3PO,” I kept muttering to myself.

You see, I had to project to him, as hard as I possibly could, the word “robot”, which had been written down on a bit of paper by another audience member and shown secretly to me. Obviously, Cox had no idea what that word was.

But do you know what, the man who calls himself the mind reader who can’t read minds, actually read my mind. As I kept channelling my robot mantra he started dancing like C-3PO might have done at Chalmum’s Cantina in Star Wars.

I have no idea how he did it, but it was impressive stuff. And I have no idea how he did many things during his hour-long set that is a mix of love story, mind manipulation, magic show, and crazed chaos.

He’s not really a comedian, and told some unashamedly awful jokes, but what makes him funny is how masterfully clever he is.

Cox’s sign-off came with a plea to reviewers not to reveal too much of what goes on at his show, which is fair enough too since mind reading is all about mystique. So let’s just say if you are hauled up on stage, or told to channel your thoughts, go with it because it will be a hoot. And as your reward he will give a very cool “I love Cox” badge for your time.

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