May 4, 2012 Chris Cox

Kiwi’s Love Cox

Hello world,

So here I am in New Zealand and you know what, it’s bloody good fun. Especially as the reviews have been so brilliant. There are a few shows left at the Q Theatre in Auckland then I’ll have a week of shows in Wellington. You can find out about tickets here. You can read all the reviews in full here but here are a select few quotes about how great I am!


Bathe in the glow of a mind blowingly good, brilliantly entertaining show which leaves you beaming from ear to ear.

Theatre Review
We are left scratching our heads in wonder and amazement. How did he know that man’s phone number??? How did he know that woman wanted him to recite one very specific line from a Harry Potter book?!? Go see Cox – send him your thoughts and see what comes back. Extraordinary.

I, myself, don’t know how Cox manages to be on the money so often with his audience predictions, but I do know ‘Fatal Distraction’ is funny, fascinating and a bloody good hour of entertainment.

NZ Herald
I have no idea how he did it, but it was impressive stuff. And I have no idea how he did many things during his hour-long set that is a mix of love story, mind manipulation, magic show, and crazed chaos

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