February 14, 2012 Chris Cox

Cox Back In The Cow

Well look at this…have I got a Valentines Day treat for you? Yes. Yes I do. It’s this news. I’m delighted to say that I’ll be back inside the giant upside down purple cow in at the E4 Udderbelly Festival on London’s South Bank for two shows only on the 29th May and 19th June 2012 at 9pm.

Tickets have just gone on sale here…. Here’s all the info… it’d be lovely to see you there. It really would.

Chris Cox returns to London’s Southbank with his award winning show Fatal Distraction for two performances only at the E4 Udderbelly Festival at 9pm on the 29th May & 19th June 2012 with tickets costing £12.50.

Fatal Distraction is the fifth brand new show from the multi award-winning, five star, fringe sell-out, mind reader who can’t read minds, Chris Cox. He’s been on TV, toured the world and is somehow still getting away with it. Fatal Distraction has picked up a magical hat full of 5 star reviews and won the 2011 Venue Magazine award for best comedy show.
Chris will be doing things he shouldn’t be able to do with the fringe brochure, performing tricks nobody has ever done before, controlling coincidence, probing theories of fate and answering the FAQ: ‘Can you use this stuff on girls?’. Determined to deliver the most satisfying hour possible Chris will be handing control over to his audience by giving them the power to control his actions with their minds. Cox manages to mix a love based narrative with some of the most unique and incredible mind-reading effects ever seen on the stage.
Breathtakingly accurate, his predictions are a mongrel hybrid mix of psychology, magic, body language, influencing, comedy, devilish good looks, and lying. He constantly astonishes audiences with cutting-edge and highly imaginative stunts, charmingly delivered with a warm and mischievous sense of fun.

Chris already knows you won’t buy a ticket, why not prove the geeky mind reader wrong?

Please bring your mind for reading purposes.

Tickets are now on sale.

What the press say about Fatal Distraction
‘Genuinely baffling… very impressive’ **** Mark Shenton, The Sunday Express

‘Some truly astonishing feats of mind reading, slickly performed with skill and showmanship by master magician Chris Cox.’ **** Time Out

‘Mind Reading with a twist, it was breathtaking and brilliant.’ The Guardian

‘Extraordinary, forced me to reconsider my review star-rating policy, as five stars almost seems to miserly for this show… executed to perfection …stunning…so consistently astounding that the magical and remarkable became common place and customary…book your ticket immediately.’ ***** ThreeWeeks.

“The boy has enough energy to power the National Grid; he talks so fast it’s a wonder he doesn’t burn his lips…How does he do it? He’s probably made a pact with Satan, but what the hell – this is top entertainment.” **** Venue Magazine

‘I had to cover my mouth to conceal the fact it was hanging open in a mix of shock and excitement…a bewildering talent…a world class act…a magnificent experience for anyone” ***** Fringe Guru

What the press say about Chris Cox
‘One of the most exciting entertainers in Britain…the hottest ticket in town’  The Guardian
‘Stunning…. has other magicians scratching their heads.’ The Times
‘Does tricks that would make Jesus proud. A truly talented performer, with simply astonishing tricks, prepare to be amazed.’ Time Out
‘Hugely entertaining’ The Observer
‘We are clearly in the hands of a master technician – MUST SEE!’ The Stage
‘He’s brilliant, he’ll blow your mind!’ Ricky Gervais

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