November 29, 2011 Chris Cox

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Chris Cox is a mindreader who can’t read minds. He openly admits that from the very first breath of his show and says everything he does is a mixture of magic, body language, psychology and lying. And after seeing him for the second time I’m starting to think he is lying about not being able to read minds as there is no other explaination for the things he managed to achieve in the Arts Centre on Saturday night. That is unless he is some sort of pixie sent to meddle with all of our heads.

Whatever the truth is I am utterly bamboozled, as was everyone else in the audience.

While many people shy away from becoming the centre of attention in a show, Chris forces your hand and encourages the volunteers, which with this sort of show is a must as you can see the magic (or lying, or whatever it is) being done to you. Guaranteed to make you feel a little freaked out, regardless of how nice Chris is.

Throughout the show the audience were asked various questions, which I won’t give away but include things such as dates and bands, and when you consider the infinite number of answers available to each and every one of those questions – and the fact that certain members of the audience pulled ideas out of left field – it is hard to imagine how he could guess them all in advance. But he did. At the end of the show, one volunteer had the job of reading out a letter which had been pegged up on stage the entire time, which included every bit of information we’d supplied over the 80 minutes. It was outstanding and he didn’t get the standing ovation he rightly deserved after that.

He did ask everyone not to give away any of the tricks as that would spoil the show for other who may see it and I think it is safe to say that your secret is safe with us Chris. I am completely clueless so couldn’t spoil it even if I wanted to.

If you want to catch Chris on his tour, the next closest date to Swindon is Didcot, at the Cornerstone Arts Centre, on November 25. It might be a bit of a trek but it would be worth it – and that’s no lie.

Stephanie Tye

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