November 30, 2011 Chris Cox

Fatal Distraction Review: Sunday Express

THE EDINBURGH Fringe, now in its 64th year, seems immune to the recession, good sense and even the weather. Never mind that it always seems to rain in August in this most majestic and stately of cities, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger (not to mention wetter and wetter).

Paul Daniels (3 stars), who once upon a time headlined in the West End, also turned up on the fringe this year (Assembly), appearing in a tiny university lecture theatre for close-up magic but though his patter is engagingly old-fashioned so is his limited repertoire of tricks.

Far more genuinely baffling is Chris Cox (4 stars) who bills himself as a mind-reader who can’t read minds but then proceeds to do a very impressive job of doing just that.

Mark Shenton

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