November 29, 2011 Chris Cox

Fatal Distraction – Award Winner

Some exciting news has come in. Fatal Distraction has won the Venue Magazine Awards for the 2011 Best Comedy Show. They have said…

“Well, he slips in under the radar, though he’s technically a magician and mentalist… Yes folks, he’s been the coming man for a while now, but this is the year when Chris Cox, scion of Backwell, west of Bristol, and self-professed ‘mindreader who can’t read minds’ – came of age. His brilliant new show ‘Fatal Distraction’ visited Bath’s Rondo Theatre last month and threw us for a loop. “How does he do it? He’s probably made a pact with Satan, but what the hell – this is top entertainment.” Expect great things of this boy” http://www.venue.co.uk/features/14156-best-of-2011

I am hugely flattered and delighted to win… yay me.

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