November 30, 2011 Chris Cox

A Younger Theatre: Fatal Distraction Review

Chris Cox is quite upfront about the fact that he can’t read minds. In fact, he bills himself as the mind reader who can’t actually perform. If that’s true however, then how come I’m sat here repeating “How on earth did he do that?” to myself?

A slightly awkward prescence on stage, Cox somehow manages to hold our attention throughout. There’s a magnetism about him as a performer and he practically pulsates with energy. He’s a showman, but he needs no top hat, tails and flourish to embellish his act; he does just fine in double demin and Converse.

I won’t give anything away, but suffice to say he gets everything totally spot on. As one of those who had their mind ‘not read’ I can vouch for his authenticity. And I genuinely don’t know how he did it. A lot of his act defies logic, but some of it defies any sort of explanation whatsoever.

The measure of this show is how many people have recommended it to me in passing. Even the best shows always divide opinion, because of course different people enjoy different things. But the sheer force of talent and mindblowingly original takes on your run-of-the-mill act mean it’s impossible not to fall under Cox’s spell. The show’s most impressive part is Cox’s take on the ‘oracle’ act, where carried out acts that have been written on cards by the audience before the show and placed into a bowl – and never touched by him. Not once. As he appears to literally pluck thoughts out of the air I can’t help but feel slightly awed. If he really can’t read our minds, then how on earth does he do it? It’s official: I love Cox.

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