August 8, 2011 Chris Cox

Well It Seems To Be Going Well (so far)

Well this is a bit odd. We’re properly into the Edinburgh Fringe now and everything seems to be going a’okay. Sure I realise by saying this it’ll all go tits up from here on in, but that’s to be expected. What I always find weird is how variable audience numbers are. A weekend of rain meant for houses not as full as I had hoped, but the sunshine today means we’re trying to find some extra chairs to put into my venue to keep up with demand.

I’ve been warding off a cold the last few days which has meant for a rather quiet festival. I’ve not seen a huge amount of shows, I have caught up with some friends and I have been getting early nights. My show has found its feet and people are saying lovely things about it, which is really splendid. However they are saying those things to my face, who knows what they’ll be saying behind my back. I’d love to give you a witty story about what I’ve been up to but the best it gets is that I nearly forgot my umbrella the other day. So yeh, I promise to try do something exciting to write about. I’ll quickly tell you about what I’ve seen and enjoyed though. I caught up with The Gentlemen Of Leisure at The Caves doing ‘The Death Of The Novel.’ An enjoyable and hugely entertaining slick hour of LOLZ about books. For magic once you’ve seen my show you should see Morgan & West at the Gilded Ballon, a truly charming family friendly magical experience and for the less family friendly magic show be sure to see Barry & Stuart with both The Show and The Tell, in the latter they give away all the secrets of The Show and it shows you quite how much work goes into making magic.

Right then I have to dash off, I’ve got a show to do and an apple to eat.

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