August 18, 2011 Chris Cox

Fatal Distraction Reviews

With the Edinburgh Fringe well underway Chris’ new show Fatal Distraction is getting quite the buzz. A 5 star review from FringeGuru was followed by 4 stars from All The Festivals, Time Out & The Sunday Express with more to follow. Be sure to book your tickets before it sells out. You can get them here and you can read some reviews from people who have been to the show here, they have said things like:

“Bewilderingly brilliant – just go – you will not be disappointed”
“My husband and son went to see this and think its the best show they have seen. They would give it 5 stars”
“Outstanding show! Recommending this to anyone attending the Fringe. Great blend of humour and mindreading and we were all left speechless at the end! How does he do it? Will definitely be back to see him again next year!!!!”
“Absolutely amazing. Of all the things I saw this week this was my favourite. Not going to say anything about the actual act because it will spoilt it. Just go it’s brilliant.”
“What a show! A real mix of comedy, genuine sentiment and mind altering madness. You will laugh and you will be amazed, 3rd year in a row I’ve been to see Chris and he improves year on year. Don’t miss out”

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  1. Louise

    I must admit I rather stumbled across Chris Cox’s show last weekend but ended up participating and had loads of fun! Crazily mind-baffling…he’s a very clever chappy (and cute too). Please come back next year!

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