August 4, 2011 Chris Cox

1 Down. 25 To Go

The Edinburgh Fringe is in full swing, flyers are being handed out, tourists are looking confused at student groups in all in one lycra bodysuits running down the Royal Mile and I am fretting about my show. All normal stuff then.

The first show is always a bit of an unknown. You’re getting used to the space, to the new crew, to the new lights, sounds and the quick turn around between your show and the one after you, there is way too much to think about, let alone the actual show you’re going to perform.The show went okay, wasn’t brilliant in my opinion, but certainly was an alright first show. After it everyone is always very nice about it, which is lovely, but you can’t take that as gospel. You have to just trust your instincts and mine are that the show needs work.

Today I plan to re-write sections and re-evaulate how I perform some of the bigger tricks of the show, to give them more of an impact and make them feel like miracles. Which they kind of are. It’s all these little things which make me think it’s not quite there yet… and I just have to work out how to get it there. How to perform it and come off the stage thinking, yes that’s the show I want it to be. It’s all trial and error, but fortunately I have two cheap previews left… so I better fix it by then.

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