Less Than A Week To Go

Well it’s just under a week till my first Edinburgh show, which is Fatal Distraction, 7.10 at the Pleasance Dome tickets available now, just in case you didn’t know.

My current schedule is like this, tomorrow morning, all my props go up to Edinburgh. There are a lot of them, there’s a big set, there are lots of boxes. I have lots still to sort through and pack. On Monday I get the train up to Edinburgh and arrive around 12ish, this gives me an hour to get across town and go into my venue to tech the show, set up the set, make sure it’s all going to work, plot the fancy fancy lights and try work out how we’re going to set the show up and pack it down in under 20 minutes every day. Then I have a day off before starting the first official show, which is a preview. So it’s all a bit stressy at the moment.

My last London preview went well, but the show isn’t quite there yet. It’s one of those shows that’ll really bed in by performing it night after night, all the little nuances I forget will hammer home and become second nature. This is the part of Edinburgh I hate. I know after a week of shows it’ll be brilliant, I just want it to be brilliant now.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Chris x

Are You Ready For This?

Are you ready for this?

Well are you? I’m not, well not yet anyway. Oh and by this I specifically mean the Edinburgh Fringe.

Hi by the way, I’m Chris. You might remember me from blogging a few years ago, I didn’t blog last year as I had a year off Edinburgh. What? Oh yes it was a lovely year off thanks. You’re right, I am back this year with my new show Fatal Distraction, it’s on at the Pleasance Dome at 7.10 since you asked.

So yes this will be my fifth Edinburgh show, another hour of brand new unique and exciting material. I’ll still be pretending to read minds but this year I’ve got a narrative, a story, a set, a designer, and some nice lights. I’m also doing an actual magic trick. Am I ready for it? No, not really… I thought we’d covered this on the first sentence.

The show is almost ready I suppose, the previews are going well, everything seems to be working, I’m almost remembering the words, so those things are plus points. I’m ill today, I’ve a throat infection so I can’t really do any rehearsals, instead I’m mainly sitting down and relaxing and writing this blog.

In fact my head is now hurting so I am going to have a little lie down. But I promise to blog during Edinburgh about all the exciting things I get up to, how you go about putting a show on and all that stuff.

Till then,

C x

Here we go Edinburgh

So next Wednesday is the official start of Fatal Distraction which will do a month at the Pleasance Dome at 7.10 nightly before heading round the UK on an autumn tour.

All the info on how to get tickets can be found here, but for now, enjoy this little trailer.