March 27, 2011 Chris Cox

There’s No Going Back Now

Alright there,

How are you coping with loosing that hour today? Hope it’s not made you late for anything. I have been a busy Chris Cox recently for I’ve had to get everything ready to confirm that I’ll be doing the Edinburgh Festival again this year. So it’s been a mad few weeks of photoshoots, show titles, 40 words to explain the show, 100 words to explain the show, design meetings, poster ideas, show ideas, show writing, meeting with people, bits of filming for a secret thing which I’ll tell you about some other time, re-writing material, getting ready for my Udderbelly show on the 12th May and occasionally sleeping and eating. Oh I also got a hair cut. Nothing drastic.

So there is no going back now, Edinburgh is happening, the show has a title, tricks are being devised, and very soon I’ll start taking my trick ideas and banging them together into a script. Before I know it I’ll be making props, doing previews and heading up to Edinburgh. Scary how it all creeps up on you. Of course before that I have one final outing for Mind Over Patter which is selling nicely, it’ll be good fun and it’d be lovely to see you there. I might even have some cool bits of merchandise to sell. Then again, I might not, we’ll just have to wait and see whether I get my ass into gear doing it.

I have had some lovely photos taken by the rather brilliant Rich Hardcastle for the new show, I’m really chuffed with how they’ve come out, and have turned into quite the poser of late. He got some nice headshots, some nice ones of me in a lift, some of me on a chair, everything you could want really. I will be placing them in the gallery / image section of this website sometime soon, but for now, while I log off the internet and get to learning a script, I shall give you a little sneak peek of one of the shots. Hope you like it.

Speak soon

Chris x

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