March 4, 2011 Chris Cox

Some Interviews I Done Did

Alright there,

Thought in lieu of writing a blog I’d direct you to a couple of interviews I’ve done recently. Yes I know, how lazy of me.

If you go to iTricks you’ll find a podcast of an interview I did for this magic site. It’s a bit in depth about creating a show and things like that, but you might find that extra interesting. It’s to be found here.

Or you can read this Q&A I did with the Udderbelly, where I’ll be performing on the 12th May.

I promise to blog better next time,

Chris x

Wondering who to see at the Udderbelly Festival? We’ll be bringing you a series of Q&A’s with some of the amazing artists appearing in the big upside down purple cow this year.

Ladies and Gents.. introducing Chris Cox!

Where are you?
…Right now I am in my flat in a part of fancy North London, home of overpriced coffee and mums with pushchairs. If you’re next questions is what are you wearing then I will be terminating this conversation.

Who are you?
Phew, that was a close one. I’m Chris Cox (hello) I’m a young skinny little fella with large eyes who tries to amaze and entertain you through some mind-reading related nonsense.

What do you do?
I’m a mind-reader who can’t read minds. So I use various techniques to make you think that I know what you’re thinking, some magic, some psychology a bit of body language all that sort of stuff. I then mix that supposed mind-reading ability into a show which will make you think the impossible is possible.

What’s the show all about?
It’s about what I would do if I could really read minds, influence people and predict the future. I’d be able to know what girls are thinking of me on dates, I’d be able to always get seats on crowded train, all those little things to make my life easier. So I’ll do those things, and tell you how you can use them in your life. Expect lots of audience participation, lots of fun, lots of laughs and lots of moments to make you go wow.

Why should people come and see your show?
Because I’ll be all lonely on stage if you, yes you specifically, don’t turn up. You’ll get an I Love Cox badge, see the show that I’ve toured the world with, the show that’s been called ‘Stunning’ by The Times and the one that TV3 in New Zealand said is ‘A Must See Show’. Also there might be the odd face you’ll recognise in the audience so there is an added bonus.

.. and now in a five word pitch!

Mind Reading, Magic, Laughs & Cox

What are you most looking forward to about the show at the Udderbelly?
Other than being able to say I’ve performed in an upside down purple cow? I suppose the fact that I’ll be able to have a lot of fun with a sexy audience, in a great location all of whom will work together with me to make the imperfect world that we live in a little bit more perfect, well at least for an hour.

And, finally, what does the rest of the year hold for you?
Sleeping, Eating, Breathing, Edinburgh Festival, UK Tour, American TV Series… you know, the usual.

Chris Cox ‘Mind Over Patter’

Date: Thursday 12th May

Time: 9pm

Duration: 70 mins

Tickets: £15.50/conc. £14
The UK’s most exciting mind-reader who can’t read minds Chris Cox is renowned for his incredible ability to predict the unpredictable. After 4 years of award winning sell out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe, performances at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival & UK tours Chris will make the impossible possible in his 5 star show that’ll astound and astonish with his mongrel hybrid mix of mind reading related nonsense. (Age restriction 12)

‘One of the most exciting entertainers in Britain. Sure to be playing bigger stages here and abroad soon….The hottest ticket in town’ GUARDIAN

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