March 8, 2011 Chris Cox

Snapping Cox

I really should stop punning in my blog titles shouldn’t I? Anyway, hello, hope you’re enjoying some sunshine.

With Edinburgh stuff starting to hot up (read me spending a lot of time in front of my mac trying to come up with the show, with tricks and amazement but at the moment no jokes) it means I must get ready to be photographed. This Friday I’m having a new shoot done with a bloody brilliant photographer and am trying to come up with some ideas for it.

At the moment I’m browsing my beloved truffleshuffle to try find some new T-Shirts to wear for it, and going through my wardrobe to find out what I would wear from that. That’s just the start of the trouble, I then need to come up with some ideas for what to do in the photos. Normally I just jump a lot.. maybe I’ll do that again.

Any suggestions which don’t involve me with a deck of cards or holding my temples in a mind reading manner, do send them my way.

C x

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