March 1, 2011 Chris Cox

I was on your teevee

So on Saturday morning, after a lovely few days being a bit spoilt in a country house retreat, I settled in front of the TV, just like I know you all did, and watched my face appear on the televisual screen. It was alright I think.

It’s very interesting watching myself back, I think I look younger on screen and not as skinny as I am in real life. Filming the show was great fun, Dick & Dom are lovely lads, the production team are a delight and the kids in the audience made it all the more exciting. I particularly love how Dom, as a magician himself, is probably one of the best participants for a trick ever, holding stuff in the right place for the cameras, looking amazed, all that stuff, well done him.

I’m pretty sure the trick came across okay. It wasn’t the trick I wanted to do, but hopefully was still impressive, amazing and simple to follow. If you missed it you can see it here.

The other thing I’ve been busy doing recently is confirming stuff for this years Edinburgh Fringe. This scares me a lot. I’ve got a rough show idea, and now need to really get to work in writing it, making tricks, designing props, all that sort of stuff. I need to have photos taken, a designer on board and artwork for adverts done within a month, so I need to get my pretty face on and have lots of meetings. Edinburgh is a joy when it begins but stresses and worries me for months before, what if the show is no good, what if it’s not funny, what if it’s not amazing. So many worries and so little to do about them other than work my ass off writing and make the show as good as it can be. Especially as it’ll be a slight departure from the normal style of things I do. Not a huge departure, but I’m going to attempt to add more layers and a narrative to it. Good luck everyone. Oh and if that’s not enough I’ve the big London version of Mind Over Patter in May to prepare for and to try remember as I’ll have had 7 months off doing the full show before I do it again in the Udderbelly.

Why do I do these things to myself? Oh because I love it. Yeh, I forgot about that.

Chris x

P.S. In case you haven’t noticed it my wonderful web designer Linzy has made some cool I Love Cox logos for this website if you add it to your favourites, or for even cooler cox action add it to your homescreen on your iphone. Rock & Roll… or at the least, Cox & Roll

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  1. Just watched the video and you did awesomely! Well done. Came across really well 🙂 Hope all the Edinburgh prep goes well for you! x

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