February 13, 2011 Chris Cox

What Cox Has Been Up To

Hello you,

Yes I know, it’s been ages since I’ve written anything on this blog. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy / my computer broke / I’ve been lazy / I had nothing to say / my hands fell off, pick your own reason as to why.

So what have I been up to? Well exciting things are afoot in the US of A, or Americanland (TM) as they call it. I can’t say much about those things, I like to be secretive, but when I can I will, I promise. Over here I have been gigging hard, and am starting work on what in theory will be my 2011 Edinburgh show. At the moment it’ll be more mind-reading nonsense, possibly telling a story around love / relationships. That’s right. Narrative based mind-reading. Bring. It. On. If you have any ideas for what I could do for it, or any ideas for tricks that’d be properly amazing, then let me know and I will steal those ideas and pass them off as my own.

If you live in the North East of England I’ll be gigging near you soon, check out the live page. If you live in London later this month I’ll be announcing a big London show and if you own a television be sure to watch Dick & Dom’s Funny Business on Saturday 26th Feb at 9am on BBC Two and you’ll see my pretty little face do some magical little things.

Till then, byebyenow

Chris x

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