May 26, 2010 Chris Cox

TV3 New Zealand: Mind Over Patter Review

Chris Cox was billed as a mind-reader who can’t read minds, I had no particular interest in the show; however, after a frenetic hour filled with trickery, cheeky quips, multiple double entendre’s and a soft toy ferret in a jumper – I can officially say I Love Cox.

Cox is a charming entertainer full of manic energy and wins you over with his earnest, self effacing stage persona while simultaneously perplexing the audience with his hybrid blend of comedy and magic.

Throughout the show, he repeatedly assures us he cannot read minds but instead uses psychology, misdirection, subliminal suggestion and the ability to read body language to pull off his feats. Despite this, I was amazed at how he was consistently so accurate in his guesses and began to wonder if he really does possess the gift of telepathy.

For someone who looks unnervingly young, he presented a slick performance which really shone when there was audience interaction (of which there is a lot and where the ferret plays a feature role in the selection process). There were a couple of moments where it appeared he had made mistakes but shortly after it is revealed it was actually part of another, larger, more impressive trick.

Aside from his obvious talents with ‘mindreading’ he also has an easy flair with comedy and peppers the show with powerpoint interludes, hilarious anecdotes and even busts a move mid-show to Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

I won’t give away too much as it really needs to be seen to be believed, but the finale was downright extraordinary, revealing that every single moment in the show had been carefully crafted and Cox is deserving of all the praise that has been heaped on him.

While leaving the show, I could hear that I was not the only one pondering out loud, “How did he do that?”. This is a must see show.

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