April 13, 2010 Chris Cox

I am now in Queenstown

Hello you,

Hope all is well with you? Me? I’m still in New Zealand enjoying my whistle-stop tour of the South Island. Took a stunning flight from Christchurch down to Queenstown, which included flying over mountains, flying next to a hot air balloon and then landing in what is the worlds most difficult airport to land in, with lots of lakes and mountains around it. All very exciting. I spent a lot of the flight working out a few changes for my show Mind Over Patter. I’m previewing it at The Classic next week then doing the full run at the beautiful Herald Theatre. The only problem is there are seats on 3 sides so I’m thinking of new and exciting ways to re-stage some of the tricks. Also I’m re-writing a few jokes. Do you New Zealanders know what Glee is? Do you think I look a bit like Artie the kid in the wheelchair from it? Do let me know.

Queenstown is a beautiful town on the banks of a lake, it reminds me of a skiing village, it’s very small though. I went for a wander and saw the whole town in 30 mins. Some lovely bars and restaurants here though and a good physio which helped sort my neck and shoulders out yesterday after my rather exciting car crash back in the UK. Oh that reminds me, I went to a bar with some friends in Christchurch and met someone who had an I Love Cox badge on and had seen my show in Edinburgh.. what a small world!

Today I had a lovely breakfast and the best flat white coffee I’ve had so far a place called Joes Garage then went to jet-boat and hike around the River Dart. It was a truly beautiful trip, involving high speed jet boats on the river going inbetween mountains and glaciers. It was around the area they filmed a lot of Lord Of The Rings, but I hate that film so didn’t recognise any of it, however it was breathtaking. I hope some of my photos do it just a little bit of justice.

Tomorrow I’m going to Milford Sound which is the must see nature attraction in New Zealand, I’m very much looking forward to it although you do have to spend about 5 hours in a coach to get there. Will let you know how I get on, then I’m going to go to one of the Glaciers.. anyone know which ones best?

Ta-Ra for now

Chris x

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