April 29, 2010 Chris Cox

Cox Extends

Well the shows are all selling out in New Zealand so we’ve added two more on the 14th and 15th May. Full details can be found here. You can also watch me on the news in New Zealand here, and check out the Gala where I read Rove’s mind online over here, but only if you’re in New Zealand. We’ll get it on the Videos page soon. Finally see me on Campbell Live here.

Comments (2)

  1. Sarah

    Excellent show tonight! Really enjoyed it – Very, very different from what I was expecting. Thanks for such a fun time, I’ll be reccomending this show to friends.


  2. Rachel

    Excellent show! Had us in confusion and fits of laughter all night. LOVED the Single Ladies dance and the last act just boggled the mind.
    Recommended your extra shows to friends and family.

    Thanks for the great night out,

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