April 18, 2010 Chris Cox

Another New Zealand Update

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all well. I’m currently in Paihia which is in the very north of the north island and the gateway to the Bay Of Islands. I have 4 days off between previews and the main shows so thought I’d come up here and top up my tan as it’s sunny.

So Auckland is lovely, a real nice city, getting to hang out with lots of cool people who’ve been to see my show or other comedians, looking forward to returning there and exploring it more. I went to the sunny but windy Mission Bay which is about 10 mins from the city centre and feels like South Beach and drove to the top of Mt Eden a volcano which isn’t disrupting flights but does offer amazing views over the city. Photos as always are on Facebook.

I’ve been doing loads of TV and Radio interviews for my shows, including the New Zealand version of T4, and the first three previews went really rather well on the whole, a few little changes still needed but the ones I’ve made have really improved the whole thing. I’m getting big laughs and lots of gasps, so am delighted about that. Also getting huge huge huge rounds of applause at the end, the kiwi audience is a very friendly and giving one. I like them.

Today I went up 1200 feet on NZ’s highest parasail over the bay of islands getting the most stunning views. It doesn’t feel that high and is hugely relaxing. Then I chilled out on a beach listening to podcasts and am now just freshening up before going out for what I’ve been told will be the best seafood dinner I’ve ever had. I’ll let you know.

Chris x

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