October 18, 2009 Chris Cox

The National Student: Mind Over Patter Review

There is probably enough patter in Chris Cox act to fill a show twice the length, the whole presentation is delivered at such a fast unrelenting pace that at times it can be hard to keep up with him. The fact that his surname sounds very much like the word has not escaped him and he certainly doesn’t shirk from taking advantage of any opportunities that provides, so expect plenty of that. Also expect some pretty impressive mindreading predict type magic.

Most of the tricks are spellbinding and completely elude any comprehension of how he’s getting stuff right. In a style of magic that is almost entirely inhabited by serious, smart looking gentlemen with mysterious eyes it‚ a great relief to see mind reading stuff done by someone with a bit of cheek and plenty of bubble. Plus his constant use of multimedia gives his presentation an extra lift making it the most energetic hour you’ll ever spend with a mind reader who can’t read minds.

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