September 18, 2009 Chris Cox

The Edinburgh Festival Insider: Mind Over Patter Review

Chris Cox, “the mind reader who doesn’t read minds”, brings his Mind Over Patter show to Edinburgh for a five – sorry – four-week run at the Fringe. BBC Radio 1’s resident magician, 25-year old Cox attempts to demonstrate all you need to be able to make people think you can read minds are some magic skills, a bit of psychology, a liberal sprinkling of subliminal 5 messages and an engaging and affable stage presence.

Using all of the above, Chris performs a series of ever-more baffling and impressive routines (five in total, I think) that to describe in any detail here would spoil the impact of. Suffice to say, by the end of the show (which last night started 5 minutes late), you’ll be convinced that, despite his claims to the contrary, Cox really can see inside your head.

Shows like this sometimes live and die by the degree and willingness of audience participation – if you’re lucky enough to catch his show whilst its packed and full of up-for-it punters, then Cox’s banter and interaction with his “volunteers” is extremely amusing and good fun (although I did count at least five mentions of mild rude words, so it’s maybe not suitable for young children).

I feel compelled to award Chris Cox my highest accolade – I just don’t know how he does it (and trust me, neither will you).

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