September 18, 2009 Chris Cox

Hairline: Mind Over Patter Review

Chris Cox is an enthusiastic “mind reader” that jokes and quips his way through his show with boyish enthusiasm. Performing feats of mentalism involving audience members- predicting lottery numbers, envelopes with pre-written addresses and choosing in exact order what items of clothing people will choose to attire themselves from a selection provided in full view of the audience Chris guides us through the hour long show where the “impossible becomes possible”.

Most tricks are sub-consciously prompted by visual stimuli in the set-up, but as with all magic tricks half the fun and wonderment is in guessing how they do it, waiting for them to get it wrong, hoping they get it right and still being impressed when they do. His show doesn’t really present anything new- anyone who has seen Derren Brown or any similar magicians will have seen a lot of this material before. As with any performance though it is the way it is done that is important. Chris Cox is funny, cheeky and enthusiastic in equal amounts and his confident delivery of his show creates a slick production with segways between acts being aided by a power point presentation.

The show provides great entertainment as he mocks not only himself, through images and pre-made adverts on the screen but also teases the audience to great effect. Chris is well practised and likable in his presentation and definitely ahead of some of his contemporaries as he imbues enough charm into his tricks to win you over.

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