September 1, 2009 Chris Cox

And I’m Done

Well then, that’s Edinburgh done for another year and reality once again rears it’s ugly head into view.

I’m now on my 2nd day back in London after leaving stupidly early on Monday morning. After Sunday nights show I had to pack up all my props, and eventually got to bed just before 3am. I got a taxi to the airport at 5am. This was not fun. I ended up having a lovely day seeing my sister, her husband and my nieces, relaxing in the sunshine, talking stuff through and going to a Maize Maze with them. It was plenty o’fun.

Now I get a chance to reflect on Edinburgh and at some point I will read my reviews. Professionally it seems to have been a very good month, I’ve had great audience numbers, won an award and saw lots of stars appear on my poster. Personally it’s been a slightly tougher month, but I’m not going to go into that as it’ll just bore you. It has however made me think of Edinburgh in a slightly different way, for me it wasn’t the usual fun month, but a rather gruelling one. That said, the times when I enjoyed it, it was the best place in the world. Highlights for me include taking part in Mark Watson’s 24 hour show, my parents coming to see the show, being chased around and ‘fired’ from The Hotel, and 8 year old boy having a swear word on stage, The Loft Bar with the Axis guys and Philip Escoffy, regular bed times of 4am, reading Denise Van Outen, Jimmy Carr & Dara O’Briens minds, and socialising with some friends who came up to see me on a Saturday night in Brookes. Show wise some stand out highlights include Stefan Golaszewski , Pappys Fun Club, Axis Of Awesome, Daniel Kitson, Philip Escoffy, Bristol Revunions, Princess Cabaret and Out Of The Blue.

I thought I’d copy the wonderful Tiernan Douieb’s idea and try and work out some stats for this years Edinburgh so here goes.

Number of hours performing my show – 24
Number of hours performing The Hotel – 21
Number of hours performing in everything I did – 52 and 12 minutes
Number of times the ferret was thrown – 162
Number of Cox puns in my show – 24
Number of Cox Badges given out – 3000 (ish)
Number of Awards won – 1
Number of Shows seen – 18
Number of Shows I wanted to see – 56
Amount of Rum drunk – 3 bottles
Amount of Wine drunk – 12 bottles
Number of Cocktails had – 12
Number of evenings spent in Brookes Bar – 25
Number of evenings spent in The Loft Bar – 7
Number of times I visited my favourite Indian after I found it in the last week – 3
Number of books brought to read – 4
Number of books read – 1
Number of DVDs brought up to watch – 15
Number of DVDs watched – 0
Number of cheese and crackers eaten – 4 packets of Jacobs Crackers worth
Number of Xbox games played – 0 I forgot I’d brought it up and left it at my promoters flat all month
Number of things broken – 1

So for now this is the end of the blog. I expect I’ll try continue it though to let you know of my exploits, if you’ve read any of it thank you, if you’ve come to see a show, an even bigger thank you.

Chris x

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