September 19, 2009 Chris Cox

AllTheFestivals: Mind Over Patter Review

Bounding onto the stage with unbridled enthusiasm then informing your audience that when they leave at the end of your performance they will be proclaiming ‘I love Cox’ seems like a tall order. Especially when your show’s selling point is that you are a self confessed mind reader who can’t read minds. With amazing powers of prescience Cox proceeds to pull off his prediction with great finesse in a hugely entertaining performance that wholeheartedly delivers on several levels.

Possessing two tons of charisma the enigmatic Cox henceforth delivers a quick witted, self -deprecating act wherein he attempts to convey his mind reading skills to a willing audience who are only too ready to believe in him. Cox’s great talent hinges on his ability to lull the audience into a false sense of insecurity. By lending them the notion that he is ballsing up every one of his mind reading tricks the relief when he pulls them off with great aplomb is testament to the support he engenders from his audience. We are more grateful for him than we are for ourselves.

In an act where the affable Mr. Cox flirts with male and female audience members in equal measures the mind reading tricks seem of secondary importance though deceptively they are a crucial part of the act. It is just further testament to Cox’s skill in manipulating an audience that nothing is quite what it seems on first inspection.

Chris Cox seems like a young man who has a promising career ahead of him. Holding the audiences attention whilst never wavering through any mishaps further propagates his ability to control and entertain. Handing out badges to the audience as they departed the theatre with his own incontrovertible message I was not the only person to leave with ‘I Love Cox’ emblazoned across my chest. But he knew that already. Didn’t he?

Reviewed by: David Marren

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