August 9, 2009 Chris Cox

Ups & Downs

How do.

Saturday morning came and went. Saturday afternoon arrived. I then woke up. Then I started to write this blog, and what you are reading now are my thoughts. What a treat. This bit now is the bit I’ve added on Sunday morning as I didn’t end up writing the whole blog on Saturday due to getting sidetracked. It’s alright though… I’ll continue where I left off.

So one of the things about Edinburgh which appears every year is the rollercoaster cliche, the highs and the lows, the shifts in feeling from ecstatic to awful. On Thursday night I had a rough show, it started very late, the audience were very hot, quiet and it was just hard work and not fun. I felt rubbish, I felt like I need to make lots of changes, I felt like it was all going wrong. Then I sold out on Friday night and had the most fun I’ve had in a long time. A really lovely, warm, friendly, laugh out loud crowd made it a real pleasure to perform. Everything (on the whole) worked and everyone left impressed… or at least I think they did. Same goes for Saturday night which sold out in the early morning. It’s very heartening to see that 4 years of shows are making an impact and people seem to want to come see me now. I’m always deeply flattered, and mean it at the end of shows when I give out badges and say thank you. I’m just full of thanks.

My friends the Bacons have been in town so I’ve been hanging out with them. It resulted in a 5am finish on Saturday/Sunday morning so I’m taking today (Sunday) easy until I go perform in The Hotel later. Richard Bacon very kindly said nice things about my show on 6Music. I took him and his wife to see Colin Haults brilliant show at the Hut.. Richard talked about that on 6music. Within the hour the quote was up on Colin’s posters. AMAZING!

Also Richard bumped into another ex Blue Peter presenter who goes by the name Peter Duncan. He’s doing a show up here, and we couldn’t resist the photo of two former disgraced Blue Peter presenters… all we needed was John Leslie for the hat-trick. As you’ll see this is a post modern shot for twitter of Richard being photoed for his twitter page.


So as I now look at the window and see the sun has hidden away and Edinburgh is back to rain, I will get up from this bed, have some tea and toast and do something with my day. Hope to see you at a show soon.

Chris x

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