August 11, 2009 Chris Cox

The Coolest Show Around

Happy Tuesday to you.

So as usual I sit in bed whilst I blog. I’ve brought myself a new pillow as a treat. It’s much better for my neck. Been having a lovely run of shows, that I suspect might end today now we hit a rainy Tuesday. I do hope people can still be bothered to go see stuff.

A wonderful thing happened midway through yesterdays show. The air conditioning got turned on. For me it was beautiful being cool on stage, and for the sweltering sweaty audience even better. It’s another nice selling point for the show. Come see it, stay cool, don’t sweat. Although I was liking the previous selling point of come see the show, you’ll loose weight through sweat during it.

This year I’m not reading any reviews. In previous years I have, but find it very difficult, so am avoiding them as much as possible this time round. It’s much harder than you would think because I like to read other reviews to see what I should go see, but I’m having to be very careful about that.

Can’t write much more, got a busy one today with seeing shows, doing Radio 1 Scott Mills Show stuff and doing my own show. Hope to see you there.


Chris x

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