August 12, 2009 Chris Cox

Some picture fun

Hi one and all,

I’m not felling too well today. But never fear I’ll get better. Having one of those analytical days and as such am thinking about show changes amongst other things. So there may well be a slightly different show tonight.

Had a weird but fun day yesterday. For those that don’t know I work at Radio 1 when I’m not doing magic, and yesterday was on Scott Mills’ show as an actual guest. Was very odd but a good laugh. I did some mind reading on Becky and other bits and bobs. You can listen again at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1 I’m on Tuesday’s show at about 4.40pm.

Recently there have been a couple of cool twitpics of me going round, so thought I’d share them for you here. Got my show being photographed tonight so there’ll no doubt be more soon. Talking of twitter there was a piece about edtwinge.com in The Guardian yesterday which called me the ‘hottest ticket in town’ that’s pretty snazzy.

Me on stage

Me performing in Mark Watsons The Hotel

Me as the twitter pixie

Part of the queue for my show last week

C x

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