I had a day off

Hello one and all,

Yesterday was my day off, which meant I was finally given the chance to properly see shows. Prior to that I had a pretty mental weekend of knock out, sell out shows, fun drinking with friends and 5am bedtimes. Ah the life of a mind fiddler.

So what did I do with my day off I hear you cry? Well, I’ll tell you what I did. It was a good question ask. I started it by waking up. I shall now continue but with less detail. Met the rather fab Pete Firman to interview him for ThreeWeeks and then we went for a nice bit of lunch (smoked salmon bagel for me, chicken salad for him since you asked) I then attempted to see 3 different shows, all of which were sold out. So instead I had some tea and a nice cupcake with Philip Escoffy who like myself and Pete is doing an excellent show here. If you can only see one magic show this fringe see mine, if you can see two, see mine twice, if you can see three, see mine, and Pete’s and Philips.

I finally managed to get round to seeing one of my favourite acts, Pappys Fun Club. After clashing last year and not getting to see the show, last night I got to experience what is surely the most uplifting and joyous show in Edinburgh. Working beautifully in the huge Pleasance 1 the boys knocked my socks off. I also managed to head over to the Gilded Balloon. I took a punt on Princess Cabaret which was a hoot. A handful of Ozzie girls perform sketches and songs as Disney Princess in a show which worked wonderfully well, causes huge belly laughs and has heaps of talent on stage. Finally I rounded off my evening with a drink in the Loft Bar with the guys from Axis Of Awesome after I’d gone and seen their show. Last year they were a stand out highlight for me and they haven’t disappointed this year. Beautiful and funny songs, proper laugh out loud moments, and an update of the incredible 4 chord song. They’ve really stepped up to the mark after a very successful year last year and are doing another painfully good show. I can’t recommend the shows enough.

So now I have to do my show again tonight, very excited about getting back on stage with Mind Over Patter and doing my thing in The Hotel. See you there?

C x

Fest: Mind Over Patter Review

It seems something of an injustice to wedge Chris Cox wedged in the ‘comedy’ category, but wedge him we must. Mind Over Patter is poles apart from the countless stand-ups and comedy troupes that litter the rest of the Fringe brochure. Cox’s show bears more similarity to the conjurers and mind-readers of Victorian England. He also adds a modern twist, by cheerfully informing us that none of what he does is magic or psychic, merely impressive psychology tricks and subtle manipulation of the audience’s perception.

Happily, he keeps everyone at a tantalising arm’s length from actually knowing how he does it. Though a sizeable chunk of Cox’s jokes consist of crap wordplay on his surname (Cox = cocks, geddit?), this doesn’t detract from his high-energy, consistently engaging stage manner. It’s impossible to elaborate on the tricks without giving everything away, but rest assured that they are well worth tolerating his schoolboy humour for. It’s unashamedly old-fashioned, family entertainment and it requires enthusiastic audience participation. And yet, amidst so much gnarled, cynical stand-up and tediously pretentious theatre, Mind Over Patter is a surprisingly enjoyable breath of fresh air.

As the audience jostle their way out, a considerably nervier Cox is at the entrance agitating. It is, he admits, the hardest night he’s ever had. It’s not unlike the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the curtain is drawn back to reveal an ordinary man pulling the levers. With Cox’s consummate professionalism however, the curtain remains – for the most part – firmly in place.

So where were we?

As I last spoke to you I remember it being sunny. Today it’s bloody horrible. Just ever-so rainy. My jeans are all wet and everything. I’m spending a lot of today interviewing magicians for a little project I’m working on. I’ll then go perform in The Hotel and of course do my own show later tonight. Quite excited about a special audience member who will be in, shall tell you all about that after the show.

Had a recent run of a few not so great shows, but last night was back on form with a fab show that was much fun and seemed to be enjoyed by all. Often an audience just isn’t in the right mood, thus making for a tough show, but last night they were really up for it and it was a joy to do. I even had some folk from Radio 1 in supporting me so that was jolly nice of this.

This morning I got up early and headed over to the Traverse to see Stefan Golaszewski Is A Widower. The new play by Stefan who last year blew me away with his show, speaks about a girl he once loved. It was truly the highlight of my fringe so I had high hopes, high hopes that were completely met. He’s done it again, another riveting, gripping heart breaking, emotional punch to the soul piece of theatre. Expertly performed, superbly written, it is just phenomenally good.

More soon,

C x

Some picture fun

Hi one and all,

I’m not felling too well today. But never fear I’ll get better. Having one of those analytical days and as such am thinking about show changes amongst other things. So there may well be a slightly different show tonight.

Had a weird but fun day yesterday. For those that don’t know I work at Radio 1 when I’m not doing magic, and yesterday was on Scott Mills’ show as an actual guest. Was very odd but a good laugh. I did some mind reading on Becky and other bits and bobs. You can listen again at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1 I’m on Tuesday’s show at about 4.40pm.

Recently there have been a couple of cool twitpics of me going round, so thought I’d share them for you here. Got my show being photographed tonight so there’ll no doubt be more soon. Talking of twitter there was a piece about edtwinge.com in The Guardian yesterday which called me the ‘hottest ticket in town’ that’s pretty snazzy.

Me on stage

Me performing in Mark Watsons The Hotel

Me as the twitter pixie

Part of the queue for my show last week

C x

The Coolest Show Around

Happy Tuesday to you.

So as usual I sit in bed whilst I blog. I’ve brought myself a new pillow as a treat. It’s much better for my neck. Been having a lovely run of shows, that I suspect might end today now we hit a rainy Tuesday. I do hope people can still be bothered to go see stuff.

A wonderful thing happened midway through yesterdays show. The air conditioning got turned on. For me it was beautiful being cool on stage, and for the sweltering sweaty audience even better. It’s another nice selling point for the show. Come see it, stay cool, don’t sweat. Although I was liking the previous selling point of come see the show, you’ll loose weight through sweat during it.

This year I’m not reading any reviews. In previous years I have, but find it very difficult, so am avoiding them as much as possible this time round. It’s much harder than you would think because I like to read other reviews to see what I should go see, but I’m having to be very careful about that.

Can’t write much more, got a busy one today with seeing shows, doing Radio 1 Scott Mills Show stuff and doing my own show. Hope to see you there.


Chris x