August 19, 2009 Chris Cox

One4Review: Mind Over Patter Review

Chris Cox is a self-proclaimed mind reader who can’t read minds. But he can certainly make his audience think he can.

As the audience entered the King Dome a video was playing at the back of the stage with various numbers and images and clips of Chris in action on a loop, along with instructions for us to write a number between 1 and 49 on a slip of paper and put it in one bowl on a small table at the front of the stage and to write a letter or a word on another slip of paper and put it in a second bowl. The reasons for this would become clear at the end of the show.

When Chris bounded on stage his energy (and sparkly silver shoes) immediately grabbed the attention of the audience. What followed was an incredibly entertaining hour of mentalism. Chris’ innocent persona only helps him engage with the audience and I was willing all his ‘magic’ to work. Despite a couple of tricks that didn’t quite come off, Chris’ talent is impressive by any standards, but especially considering he is still only 25.

I would urge you to catch Chris Cox while he’s still playing to relatively small audiences – I predict that it won’t be long before Chris is filling theatres.

And as for those numbers and words that we wrote down at the beginning of the show? Chris used them in a trick involving 6 members of the audience that literally blew my mind. Four days later I’m still trying to work out how he could possibly have done it, and despite what Chris would have us believe, I can only conclude it really was magic.

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