August 20, 2009 Chris Cox

Half Way There

Good morning from my bed,

It’s another Edinburgh day and I have now passed the half way stage, which means I’m starting to get a bit sick so I’m taking it easy today and will be in bed reading, eating, drinking and doing some tidying.. changing my sheets…making my room pretty that sort of thing. It’s pretty hard work doing two shows a day… but the other day it was even harder work as I took part in the pretty darn amazing Mark Watson’s 24 Hour Show

This was Mark’s final 24 hour show, where he does a show for 24 hours. I went along to watch and help out doing various mind-reading stunts… Watson loves this sort of nonsense, and this was his reaction to one of them.

Him and I also got to prove our manly powers by punching Brendan Burns. I tried 4 times. I hurt my hand. He seemed fine. I also correctly predicted which person Simon Amstell would pick for Blind Date during the show before joining him and everyone else on stage for a rendition of Band Aid to finish the show. It was a unique and incredible experience, one I was lucky to be involved in.

My Venue Crew also had a night out the other day where I treated them all to a drink. I have the fab Damian who does all my tech stuff, also Will who is the venue manager who looked after me last year and is doing another good job. He often calls me Mr Cox to inflate my Ego. Steph makes lights work, Chris is more efficiant than anyone else in the world and Kelly does amazing drawings for me. I’ll put some on here soon. She’s bloody good.

The Hotel which is the other show I’m doing is going very well.. I mind read Denise Van Outen and Lee Mead the other day in my alter-ego of Eric. I also appeared on The Culture Show last night as part of their piece on the show. That’s kinda all that’s been happening for now… quite a lot and I have a busy few days coming up but I’ll blog again soon I promise.

Chris x

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