August 6, 2009 Chris Cox

1 Down


How goes it? I’m fine thanks for asking. Found a lovely little coffee shop round the corner from my flat. They do a rockingly good flat white. I will be going there a lot.

So yesterday was the first show with a pretty busy, if a little quiet crowd. I think it went okay. It certainly wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t awful. If I had to sum it up, which I will, I’d have said it was fine. Everything worked, and I’m finding my feet in the venue, so it just needs to bed in a bit more. I’ve got a fancy headset mic this year, which makes me think I should be singing Womanizer. I did however forget I had it on yesterday so broke my throat by talking really loudly. Ooops.

My flatmates Ashley and Ross are currently talking about the make up they wear or used to wear. Ashley dyed his hair red yesterday, which this morning when I had a shower made me think someone might have been stabbed. It was his dye though. He’s now just gone to make it blonde. I’ve taken a before photo, I shall soon take an after photo and stick it on here for your viewing pleasure. Annoyingly I missed his show last night due to poor time keeping on my part, but he went to see Ross and Nathans shows and says great things about them. I’m hoping to see them all very soon.

Annoyingly the bloody Pleasance has got all their signs wrong, putting my show on an hour later. This is currently being fixed, but does mean there are no King Dome signs up. Ooops on their behalf.

I’d love to continue writing but alas I have to go get ready for The Hotel which is a Mark Watson show I’m taking part in. It’s very weird, but very cool. Anyway enough about me. How have you been?

Chris x


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