July 14, 2009 Chris Cox

One of the top 100 shows

Ohhhh this is exciting. Mind Over Patter has been picked as one of the TOP 100 SHOWS for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by The Scotsman. Yay!

They say “Very much in the Derren Brown mould of debunking psychics with his mind reading abilities, the likeably mischievous Cox eschews the creepiness of many of his illusionist peers. This year, he’s going to be passing on his skills for the audience to use in the home, workplace and dating arena.”

Why not come see it from the 5 – 31 August at 8.30pm in the Pleasance Dome. You can buy tickets here.

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  1. Misha

    Ooo Exciting. Fairly sure this is my first show of the fringe too!
    (no pressure there)

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