July 15, 2009 Chris Cox

4 Previews To Go


Yes I know, I’m sorry, I’ve not blogged for a bit, but it’s not officially Edinburgh yet so this is all like ‘bonus blog’ so you just count yourselves lucky yeh?

I’m still in the middle of show previews. I scarily only have 4 left before heading up to Edinburgh, and the show is still too long. Got the next one this coming Saturday at The Pleasance in Islington then 3 more at my usual preview home of the Canal Café. Hopefully it’ll be down to just under an hour before Edinburgh. I’m also starting to have to think about what I need to take to Edi… I think I’ll be taking my Xbox again this time with Guitar Hero World Tour, it turned out to be VERY useful last year… that and West Wing & Wire DVDs…oh and Arrested Development.

So I’m trying to be more relaxed about my show and performance this year, it’s quite tough as I get rather stressed over wanting my show to be as good as possible, but have discovered after my tour last year, that I am a much better performer when I’m relaxed. So I’m giving that a go. The show seems in good shape for what are still early days, most of the tricks are working, I’m cutting lots and moving things around and hopefully after the first few Edinburgh days it’ll be bedded in and all ready to go.

I’ve ordered 3000 I Love Cox Badges (this year with 3 designs, why not collect them all) and some stickers. I’ll give them out after the show as usual. I was thinking on selling I Love Cox T-Shirts this year, but feel I’ll just end up with 1000 of them in my shed come the end of the run.
I Love Cox Badges

At the moment I’m making a pre-show CD of songs that I like, it’ll be the music the audience here as they come in. I’m thinking on doing maybe 10 or so tracks on random so I don’t get bored with them. Got some suggestions from my friend Colin Murray (yes that’s right, that guy off of the radio) and some from my twitter followers (I’m on twitter at www.twitter.com/bigcox if you want to join in the party) and so far the list of pre-show songs is.

St Elmos Fire (John Parr), After The Gold Rush (Neil Young), Lullaby Of Broadway (of off the 1930s), 99 Red Balloons (Nena), Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen), End Of A Century (Blur), When You Were Young (The Killers), One Week (The Barenaked Ladies), Viva Las Vegas (Elvis) and Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (Flaming Lips). Got any more you think I should add?

Chris x

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