October 2, 2008 Chris Cox

Latest 7: Interview

Radio 1’s official magician, possibly the youngest performer at the Magner’s Paramount Comedy Festival to have his own show at only 24, and a massive fan of Brighton from his home in Horsham. Chris Cox is all these, but most of all he’s a really, really lovely guy. Even with man flu.

Initially he misses my call, but eventually communications are established. “Sorry, I’ve just got a new phone and I hit the wrong button. I do apologise.

I’ve yet to quite adapt to it.” I tell him his message sounds cheerful though. “I’m glad it sounds cheerful. I’ve got man flu on the go so I’m not at my best, but I’ll try. Oh no, the struggles of man flu,” he mugs.

So let’s start at the beginning. “I started when I was six,” he explains. “I did! I got a magic kit when I was six. I’ve always been interested in magic. While I was at school and studying psychology I realised I could mix that with magic and it looked like I could read minds. Then I focused on it a lot at uni. And now… This year was my second full Edinburgh.” His first Edinburgh festival show was funded by his student loan. “It was the biggest risk I took and it paid off.” His first shows were for his family at Christmases.

“My grandparents are just about to move house and they’re getting rid of stuff and they’ve given me a footrest. You know, one of those pouffe things that you have. Because I used to use it. I would stand on it and it would be my stage, and my sister would be my magical assistant and I’d do little tricks at Christmas and stuff.”

His audience is far wider now though: old, young and in between. “You know what,” he ponders. “I think it’s partly because I look twelve. I like to think I’ve got a bit of geek chic going on. At heart I’m a bit of a geek and at the very best I’m funny looking.

“I haven’t set out to target anyone. All I’ve set out to do is play and amuse and amaze people, and the fact that they’re there is great.” So is his modesty. With telly deals calling after a successful Edinburgh Festival and his childhood dream of a tour coming true, it’s all coming up roses for Chris.

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