August 8, 2008 Chris Cox

Three Weeks: 3 Things To Control #1

Hello beautiful reader. I’m Chris Cox, a mind reader who can’t read minds. I’m doing a show at the Pleasance
Courtyard called Control Freak every day at 6.20pm. I’m flattered that the brilliant ThreeWeeks want me to write some stuff, and, since I am a control freak, I thought I’d write about the things I shall be attempting to control the people of Edinburgh to do this week. You can read them if you want. Or just move on to reading something else. You pick.

1. Not Give Me Flyers.
I am going to try at this, but shall no doubt fail. I plan to see about 40 shows this Festival, but I kinda already know which ones. So I’d like it if you didn’t thrust your paper cutting devices into my face. That said, I would like people to take flyers for my show. So how about this? I promise to take a flyer every time you take one of mine. Deal?

2. See My Show
What? You expect me to write a column and not try to plug my own show? How silly of you to think such a thing. It’s true though, this first week is the toughest one for any performer. We want to get people in seeing our shows so they tell their chums about how good we are, so more people come to see the shows, and thus we don’t have to perform to an empty room. However, often there aren’t many people about to come to shows in the first week so we have to resort to shamelessly plugging our shows in ThreeWeeks. Come see mine please? I’ll do some “tricks that’d make Jesus proud” (Time Out) and mess with your mind a bit.

3. Try not to go over my word count
I’ve been given 300 words to write about these things, so I’ll try not go over my word count… Ah bugger I’ve failed. Oh well. Till next week, enjoy your festival, see you in the Courtyard for a drink, or something.

Chris x

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