August 13, 2007 Chris Cox

ThreeWeeks: Everything Happens For A Reason Review

You’ll definitely get to put a face to the voice you occasionally hear discussing magic tricks on Radio 1. But will you get an hour of hysterical laughter? Perhaps not. But Chris Cox’s magic tricks are good fun, and went well for the most part, with our host correctly guessing the cards random audience members had picked out. And I especially like the way those random audience members were picked – a stuffed ferret in a jumper is thrown into the audience and the trick begins where he lands. It’s a system that caused some extra amusement, especially when the ferret hit people on the head. Unfortunately on this night Cox’s last trick fell slightly flat as the ferret-selected people didn’t choose exactly what he’d subliminally hinted at. But nonetheless, this was good natured family entertainment presented by a likeable young man with obvious talent.

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