August 20, 2007 Chris Cox

Hairline: Everything Happens For A Reason Review

Chris Cox, to those who listen to Radio 1, will be well known as the station’s resident magician, but Cox is eager to prove that magic has nothing to do with it. Mixing magic tricks with psychology, technology and comedy he amazes the audience throughout the frantic hour.

Holding a stuffed toy ferret, he throws it into the unsuspecting crowd and those unlucky enough to catch it are selected as his volunteers. Like a stripped bare Derren Brown he looses all the magician pomp and instead explains his psychological assessments of the situation. Take for example a man who has taken the ace of diamonds from a pack of cards. Using a technique known as positive reinforcement and combining it with the process of elimination, Chris Cox is able to analyze exactly when his volunteer is lying and slowly work out the correct card. Moments like this are thrilling to watch and surprisingly gripping.

The show zips along at a great speed and there are some delightful touches peppered throughout. Using a DVD player on a timed loop he is able to introduce new tricks and continue conversations with himself via the screen.

Entertaining and thought-provoking, do your best to grab a ticket.

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