August 14, 2007 Chris Cox

Edinburgh Evening News: Mesmerising Mind Reading

THIS is a show that will change the way you think about your life. Cox’s mind-reading performance is based on the premise that everything happens for a reason. And his argument is borne out by his demonstrations.

He takes the audience on a journey using subliminal messaging, suggestion, illusion and psychology. Along the way he performs a series of mind-tricks that culminates in a finale that Cox has predicted long before the audience even took their seats.

According to Cox, the momentary decisions that we take day in and day out shape our destinies.

From this simple basis, Cox has produced a string of remarkable demonstrations of how simple choices lead to an unexpected future. But more – he calculates how those changes can be predicted.

The audience is invited throughout the show to make a number of choices based on instinct and intuition. Yet Cox proves time and time again that these decisions were pre-determined.

And he does so using multi-media, flair, showmanship and a sprinkling of humour.

Despite the comedy and Cox’s high-energy level, the audience is left wondering what would have happened had his predictions been wrong. As Cox himself explains, the show would finish a few minutes early. Each individual would therefore be in a different place: at a different time. That two minutes would alter their destiny forever. This is a mesmerising performance that entertains and educates – mind-reading with a message. [Drew McAdam]

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