August 8, 2007 Chris Cox

Broadway Baby: Pure Magic

Paying a second visit to the Fringe, Chris Cox is a contemporary mind reader who strips away all of the sinister nonsense that is often associated with the Derren Brown school of mentalisism, to show us that everything does, perhaps, happen for a reason.

Those that caught last year’s run will see some familiar themes, and be delighted (horrified?) to know, the ferret is back! Cox chooses his victims with the help of a soft-toy ferret that the audience randomly throw between each other, making it impossible for him to use plants, and making his mind reading all the more impressive.

Throughout his hour on stage, Cox calls upon his audience members to make random choices, which he predicts the outcome of with scary accuracy. The show ends with a pre-recorded DVD, and gasps of amazement around the room.

His approach to mind reading and magic in general is very understated, and you can’t help but just like the guy. It’s little wonder why the show is already selling out over at the Gilded Balloon, so you should get a ticket fast before they’ve all gone. [Pete Shaw]

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