August 20, 2006 Chris Cox

Broadway Baby: Let Chris delve into your thoughts

It’s obviously easy to draw comparisons between Derren Brown when talking about Chris Cox. But whereas Brown is a bit dark and creepy, Cox delivers his material in a much more approachable manner.

If anything, Cox’s blasĂ© kind of attack on the genre belies his obvious preparation of the show. A fair chunk of it is actually presented by a pre-recorded Chris on DVD – which requires split second timing and well rehearsed stage direction to pull off.

Using pre-recorded material is an interesting device to predict the outcome of a seemingly random set of circumstances. These events are drawn from the extensive use of audience participation in the show; and Cox has plenty of people to choose from as the Cabaret Bar is the busiest I’ve seen it.

The show consists mostly of magic tricks and “mind control”. Starting with a classic, guess-the-card routine to a far more complex prediction involving multiple audience members and DVD footage, it’s all done in a light and humorous way which clearly suits Cox’s style perfectly. If, like me, you think Derren Brown is a bit scary, then you’ll find Chris Cox a far nicer chap to spend the afternoon with.

Oh, and by the way, I have this strange compulsion to use the word “Amazing”, though I’m not totally sure why… [PS]

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