July 23, 2006 Chris Cox

Metro: Interview

Another young joker in the pack is Chris Cox, Radio 1’s resident magician owes more to Derren Brown than Blaine and has taken his mind magic to new levels.

“I use psychology, NLP, prediction and performance. I call it contemporary mind-reading but to keep it fresh, I incorporate a mixture of comic techniques and multimedia resources.” Also 22, he’s been a regular fixture on Radio 1’s Colin & Edith show and makes his Edinburgh Fringe debut this summer.

“I’m a quirky, slightly awkward, geeky guy who takes the piss out of what ‘magicians’ are meant to be. You’ll laugh your head off while still being blown away,” he explains of his growing appeal.

“I tend to look to popular culture, movies, songs, theatre and TV to give me inspiration rather than any magic book, I don’t want to recycle old ideas.” Whatever tricks are up Chris Cox’s sleeve next, one thing’s for sure: you won’t find him depressed in a box for 44 days

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