Cox & The Cow – Live In London

Chris is delighted to announce a one-off final performance of his 5 star, award winning show Mind Over Patter, you know, the one that wowed Edinburgh & New Zealand.

He’ll be performing it in the Udderbelly at the Southbank Centre in London on the 12th May at 9pm. You can find out more about the show and buy tickets here or here. Don’t forget to sign up to the facebook group here and confirm your attendance here. That’s a lot of places for you to visit. Lucky people that you are.

Here’s the official chitchat on it…

The UK’s most exciting mind-reader who can’t read minds Chris Cox is renowned for his incredible ability to predict the unpredictable. After 4 years of award winning sell out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe, performances at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival & UK tours Chris will make the impossible possible in his 5 star show that’ll astound and astonish with his mongrel hybrid mix of mind reading related nonsense.

Unleashing the dormant mind-reader in every audience member, Chris envisions a perfect world where the mundane can be magical, getting a seat on the train is always assured, the objects of your desire always find you irresistible – and even winning the lottery could be a possibility.

His electric mix of contemporary mindreading, psychology, body language, magic, illusion and humour has spawned four Edinburgh Fringe shows, one UK tour and two West End shows, and earned a heap of four- and five-star reviews, three Edinburgh Fringe Awards, sell-out shows and a growing army of celebrity fans.

Breathtakingly accurate, his predictions are a mongrel hybrid mix of psychology, reading signals, human control, the disarming power of comedy and lucky guesswork. He constantly astonishes audiences with cutting-edge and highly imaginative stunts, charmingly delivered with a warm and mischievous sense of fun.

It’s all about being you


It’s me. Typing this out for you to read and enjoy in the comfort of your own place where you’re reading this. Are you having an enjoyable time? I do hope so.

I’ve had two lovely gigs recently, storming it at a 500 odd seater sell out in Bury St Edmunds then headlining Magic Night in Soho. I’ve been thinking about what I’m doing differently to make the gigs go so well, and you know what it it is? I’m pretty sure it’s just about being much more relaxed and confident within myself and letting the magic flow. Forgetting about what I’m going to do, and just doing it, letting it naturally appear and dealing with stuff as and when I get to it. This could quickly turn into a long look at myself as a performer, the role of a magician or comedian, all that stuff but in essence it seems to boil down to this. The more relaxed you are, the more confident you are, the better you are and therefore the more YOU you are and the more the audience will enjoy it. So finding yourself isn’t just some hippy bull-shit, it’s vital, both as a performer and a real life person.

Who we are at our core can forever change, and who we are changes dependent on who we are around, what we are doing or what we are saying. Are we many people, are we just one, or are we simply many different versions of ourselves? If you’re a performer being yourself or at least a characterised version of yourself then you have to think about what it is about you that people like and work out how to take that and heighten it on stage. At the same time you have to find the things that’ll turn an audience off, and hide them, all while remembering that not everyone is going to like you. One of the toughest things I had to learn is that not everyone will like me, no matter how hard I try, and I am very comfortable with that now. If everyone liked everything you did, then what you’re doing is probably a bit too bland.

I put so much effort into shows I want everyone to like them, we all want everyone to think good things about us, it’s human nature, but we simply can’t, life isn’t that easy, and if it were, it’d be boring. I am in the weird position where I can sometimes see what people say about me and think about me (at least me on stage) through reviews, twitter and the like, and it’s a very dangerous place to be. Life is better with mystery. Not knowing what others are thinking or saying about you, that lack of knowledge in theory will make you strive to be a better person, performer, entertainer or duck (depending on your species.) I suppose we should always try to please as many people as possible, always try to entertain them, but always stay true to yourself, whoever yourself decides to be that day.

So there’s a rambling load of words which probably make more sense.. but hey, at least I’m blogging again as so many of you (two of you) have asked for.

Don’t forget I’ll be popping up on your screens on Dick & Dom’s Funny Business next Saturday the 26th Feb. I’ll write a bit about filming that later this week for you, and also I’ll be announcing my big London show sometime in the next 7 days. Big whoop.

Chris x

Televisual Cox

On Saturday 26th Feburary you’ll be able to catch a rare televisual sighting of Cox on BBC Two. He’ll be pretending to read minds and performing a lovely little trick on Dick & Dom’s Funny Business at 9am on Sat 26th Feb on BBC Two and the CBBC Channel. It’ll be available on iPlayer after that as well. You should probably set your generic digital hard disc recording system to see quite how much of an arse he makes out of himself.

Also keep an eye on this site and the facebook or twitter pages for Chris, as later this week he’ll be announcing a big London show. Big yay’s all round.

What Cox Has Been Up To

Hello you,

Yes I know, it’s been ages since I’ve written anything on this blog. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy / my computer broke / I’ve been lazy / I had nothing to say / my hands fell off, pick your own reason as to why.

So what have I been up to? Well exciting things are afoot in the US of A, or Americanland (TM) as they call it. I can’t say much about those things, I like to be secretive, but when I can I will, I promise. Over here I have been gigging hard, and am starting work on what in theory will be my 2011 Edinburgh show. At the moment it’ll be more mind-reading nonsense, possibly telling a story around love / relationships. That’s right. Narrative based mind-reading. Bring. It. On. If you have any ideas for what I could do for it, or any ideas for tricks that’d be properly amazing, then let me know and I will steal those ideas and pass them off as my own.

If you live in the North East of England I’ll be gigging near you soon, check out the live page. If you live in London later this month I’ll be announcing a big London show and if you own a television be sure to watch Dick & Dom’s Funny Business on Saturday 26th Feb at 9am on BBC Two and you’ll see my pretty little face do some magical little things.

Till then, byebyenow

Chris x